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Balochi Rug - Maadan

Balochi Rug - Maadan

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This Balochi Maadan rug hails from the 1990s. Its central tribal patterns comprise four squares adorned with intricate details, enclosed by five geometric borders. What truly sets this rug apart is the weaver's improvisational artistry, resulting in a distinctive and asymmetrical design that graces the entire piece. Crafted from naturally dyed wool, the color palette includes shades of red, black, ivory, brown, and orange. The subtle color variation in this rug is a result of using naturally dyed wool, which may not precisely match the initial batch of wool employed by the weaver in crafting the carpet. Due to the vintage nature of the rug, some areas may exhibit signs of wear from foot traffic.

Manufacturing: Hand-knotted

Technical information: Wool pile and weft, cotton warp, goat hair selvage, asymmetrically knotted

Condition: Excellent, vintage

Origin: Northern Khorasan, Iran

Dimensions: 6’5” x 3’6” (200cm x 110cm)

Weight: 11.4lb (5.2kg)


* Due to their unique size, Artwork and larger sizes may take an additional 7 business days to process.
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