As a multidisciplinary artist, I have always grappled with the challenge of making a living while dedicating my time to pursue my creative visions rather than focusing solely on financial gains. Consequently, I made the decision to delve into the business aspect of art—an area that we all know isn't particularly pleasant for any artist in their early twenties. My goal was to create a platform that could aid and support fellow artists in generating income bypassing the obstacles that could potentially derail their entire careers. In the pursuit of this vision, I needed to open numerous doors I hadn't previously known existed. As a result, I crossed paths with many wonderful friends and mentors from various fields around the world who shared the same vision; we became stronger together as a family.

After several years, we finally developed a program that artists can join to learn, promote, and sell their artwork. Our mission is to not only assist artists in earning a living but also support them in enhancing their craft. We hope that our community continues to grow and foster loyalty across different fields, encouraging older members to guide newer ones in navigating obstacles and streamlining their journey toward success.

We are Rayat Magazine, established in 2019, and composed of a team of professionals from diverse fields such as art, fashion, design, tech, and economics.


Ali Zoie