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Balochi Rug - Yaghoub Khani

Balochi Rug - Yaghoub Khani

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The Yaghoub Khani is a one-of-a-kind vintage rug from the 1980s. The rug was handwoven with a natural dyed color palette of red, purple, ivory, and black, which imparts a darker appearance to the overall palette. It is in good condition and shows no signs of footprints or wear. The rug features an improvisational design with nine rectangles filled with geometric patterns in the center, surrounded by a narrow light border on the inner edge. The border is framed with intricate geometric patterns that complement those found in the central field.

The rug is knotted with a low pile and high knots per inch and tassels have been cut low. This tightly woven rug is ideal for high-traffic areas. All of our vintage and antique rugs have undergone professional cleaning and are ready for use.


Manufacturing: Hand-knotted

Technical information: Wool pile and weft, cotton warp, goat hair selvage, asymmetrically knotted

Condition: Excellent, vintage

Origin: Khorasan, Iran

Dimensions: 6'1" x 3'5" (184cm x 104cm)

Weight: 12.5lb (5.7kg)


* Due to their unique size, Artwork and larger sizes may take an additional 7 business days to process.
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