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Balochi Jowal

Balochi Jowal

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This exquisite nomadic Jowal, dating back to the 1950s, served as a versatile carrier for nomadic communities. Jowalis are distinguished from Khorjins by their larger, vertical rectangular shape. Unlike the mostly square-shaped Khorjins, Jowals come with handles on each side and are often woven in pairs. These intricately woven containers hold significant importance for nomads, as they use them to transport their belongings while migrating and securing them onto the backs of animals.

Manufacturing: Hand-knotted, Hand-Woven

Technical information: Wool warp, weft. Goat hair selvage. Knot and tapestry-weave technique

Condition: Exellent, vintage

Origin: Zabol, Iran

Dimensions: 2’9” x 1’7” (88cm x 51cm)

Weight: 3.7lb (1.7kg)

* Artwork and larger sizes items may take an additional 7 business days to process, due to their unique size.

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