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Balochi Rug - Maadan

Balochi Rug - Maadan

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This Maadan rug was woven by the hands of Baloch nomads around the 1980s. The central tribal patterns consist of four squares filled with intricate details, enclosed by three geometric borders. Due to the weaver's improvisational patterns, the rug features an asymmetric design. The Maadan rug possesses a dazzling glow, woven with naturally dyed wool in a color palette of red, ivory, light brown, black, and green.

What makes this rug particularly special to us is its multi-colored selvage, skillfully woven from goat hair. This rug falls under the Zaar O’ Nim category due to its size. Due to the rug's vintage nature, some areas may exhibit signs of foot traffic or wear.


Manufacturing: Hand-knotted

Technical information: Wool pile and weft, cotton warp, goat hair selvage, asymmetrically knotted

Condition: Excellent, vintage

Origin: Khorasan, Iran

Dimensions: 4’9” x 2’8” (150cm x 85cm)

Weight: 6.6lb (3kg)


* Due to their unique size, Artwork and larger sizes may take an additional 7 business days to process.
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