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Echoes of the Bazaar - Melodies in Transit

Echoes of the Bazaar - Melodies in Transit

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A live music show that combines jazz with other musical styles, in which both Farsi and English songs are weaved in together; A melting pot of cultures and sounds. The sounds you'd hear in a bustling marketplace are the chatters of people from all walks of life, the vibrant colors of the stalls, and the mix of languages that travel as if these songs are journeying through different cultures.

Theme: Jazz Fusion 

Musicians: Behzad Danesh, Parisa Ramezan

Organizer: Rayat Media

May 20th
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

6 St. Joseph Street, Toronto, ON
M4Y 1J7, Canada


* Non-alcoholic drinks and small bites are available for purchase.

* VIP seats include a complimentary snack and unlimited drinks.

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